Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall 2016 Watercolor Class

Watercolor Class Project: Pumpkins on Parade Week 2

This week I worked more on getting the shadows started and adding layers of color to increase the intensity of the colors as well as the shadows.

I did most of my overall painting of the pumpkins before I took the masking off the smaller pumpkins in front. Once I was to a point where I was adding color more carefully, I wasn't worried about accidentally painting over something I shouldn't to I could take the masking off.

Please note that I have left the masking on the blue pumpkin where the texture will be and the stems.

I based in the small yellow pumpkin and suggested shadows with a light mix of blue and purple into the yellow color.

Remember: when you want a lighter color you add more water NOT WHITE.

I have under painted the other light yellow pumpkin with a very dilute mix of cad yellow with a tiny touch of orange with lots of water and the small white pumpkin with a very light gray made with blue and sienna and lots of water. I left the areas I wanted white unpainted though I did rinse my brush and soften the edges of the gray.

On the large orange pumpkin I was adding color to intensify the color (make it deeper/more vibrant) and to establish highlights and shadows.

Please note that each segment is curved side to side and top to bottom, your brush strokes and your shading also need to follow those curves.

Try to keep up as best you can, I will be working a bit faster so I can try to finish this before the end of the semester. Keep painting and I will see you in class. 

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