Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall 2016 Watercolor Class Week 4

Fall 2016 Class Project: Windblown Final Week

The final version of Windblown. I have added more detail to the tree trunks and added more grasses to the foreground.

Using a combination of my angle brush and liner brush I added more grass to the foreground.

With the angle brush (you can use a flat brush as well) and using a dry brush technique (very little water on the brush) I flipped up some tops of clumps of grasses or flipped down to create shadows behind lighter grass in front (negative painting).

With my liner brush I pulled some of the longer, taller grasses out of the clumps but in both cases I had to remember that the grasses needed to bend in the wind to add to the idea that the tree and the grasses are bending in the wind.

Pumpkin Parade - Week 1

After I sketched in my pumpkins I used my masking fluid (the gray color in the photo) to protect areas that I want to leave white for now. This will let me paint and not have to worry about accidentally getting a color where I don't want it.

 Don't forget to do the bumps on the blue pumpkin with the masking but do notice that they do follow the curves of the pumpkin.

I wet the paper behind the large pumpkin in the back and added some cad. yellow light with a touch of orange (Indian yellow on its own would also be good) and painted a glow behind the pumpkin. This may or may not play into this painting at the end but I need to put it in now because later will be too late.

I based in the  two orange pumpkins with a very light wash of cad orange and lots of water. The blue pumpkin is also a light wash of blue with a little touch of that thin orange to dull it slightly. You can use either ultramarine blue or pthalo blue if you have it.

Be sure you use a very thin/light wash when you are under painting, these thin light washes become the light areas of the pumpkins so they are very important.

Keep painting and I will see you in class.