Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall 2016 Watercolor Class

Watercolor Class Project: Windblown Week 3

This week I continued working on the foreground tree adding more branches and texture. I used my liner brush for the small branches and twigs and my 1/4" angle brush to create texture on ly tree trunk and larger branches as well ad more shadows.

To create the texture, I used the thin, chiseled end of my angle brush when adding another layer of color remembering to leave some of the lighter color that was there for highlights and following the angles and curves of the trunk, branches and roots. I added several layers using a darker color for the shaded side but always leaving some of the previous lighters color to create the texture.

To get the smaller, thinner branches and twigs, I used my liner brush and a darker paint so it will show up slightly against the darker background. Be sure that your paint is the consistency of ink or it won't flow off your brush. It is more natural to have a lot of these smaller twigs in the tree then just a few bigger branches. You will get a lot of practice using your liner brush on this painting.

I still have a little bit more to do but I may also get started on my pumpkin painting if I have time. This is an optional project, if you want to do your own thing I am fine with that, though I do suggest you watch the demos to learn techniques.

Keep painting and I will see you in class.

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