Sunday, May 8, 2016

Spring Watercolor Class 2016

WATERCOLOR CLASS Project: 3 Poppies Week 4

P.V. class, so many of you were out and I had some new people, I didn't work on the project last class. I will be finishing it up this week for those who are still working on the project, if you have finished please have something you want to paint with you and I can do demos for the questions that will come up.

Torrance class I finished up my painting as much as I am going to in class, I can always find things I want to add or change but for class purposes this was the last class for this project so if you have finished please bring in something you want to do or if you are still working on the project that is fine as well, I will help you where it is needed.

This last class i just did some finishing touches that you don't need to do if you don't want to, if you like what you have then stop, below is what I did to finish mine, it is optional for you.

Mostly what I did was add washes of color to intensify or deepen the colors of my sky and background.

In the sky I added another wash of ultramarine blue with a tiny touch of purple and water. I wanted to deepen the color of the sky as well as intensify it so I could use the contrast between the complimentary colors of the orange and blue to my advantage. I did have to be careful not to go over and over an area as I did the wash so I didn't lose the patterns made by the plastic wrap.

I also went over the green background with a wash of Hooker's green and blue, painting around the flowers and stems to also deepen the color and when it was dry I some negative painting by using that same green and blue mix to paint in some of the darker shapes I could still see from the plastic wrap as well as lift our some flower stems and suggest poppy shapes by lifting out color in some places and just painting over the green in other places to suggest distant poppies.

Finish your painting in a way that works best for you, find some new challenge for the remainder of the semester, keep painting and I will see you in class.