Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer 09

Well, students who signed up for the acrylic class, I have some bad news: The acrylic morning class will be closed today. My supervisor called and said that they were getting tough on under enrolled classes and I needed 3 more people for my minimum and I guess with all the financial problems cities are having, they would rather close the class than find a way to keep it open.

I guess you are down to one option ant that is to join the afternoon class if it is possible for you. If I have more than one or two from the acrylic class transfer to the afternoon class, I will do demos on the project I was going to do for the acrylic class, otherwise, I will help you with your own projects and do some small demos to help you understand the media.

Watercolor students, you are safe (sounds like a bad reality show) for the summer class, both classes try to get the word out to friends, any groups you go to, your chruch, where ever you meet with people, talk to them and encourage them to take classes at Torrance, it will not only keep the classes open but it will help keep the cost down (I cringe thinking what they will do in the fall).

I'm sorry that the class has been closed, I hope that the fall will see a better turn out. I don't know how many of you read this post because I only have one person who follows, I just hope that you have been checking in, maybe we can find other solutions to this problem.

Dont forget to check out the picture page for the reference photo and pattern for the summer project. Hope to see you soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer 09

First an update on the current minimum requirements: I heard back from my Supervisor and from our numbers, the classes should be a go. The watercolor class meets the minimum of 9 people enrolled but we still need 3 more bodies for the acrylic class otherwise several things could happen: The time gets shortened for the length of a class, the number of classes gets shortened, you pay a bit more to keep it open or the class is closed. If the class is closed and there is room , if you want you can come to my watercolor class in the afternoon.

Of those first 3, the whole class must agree with what ever arrangement are offered otherwise option 4 is the only alturnitive. Please try to find friends or neighbors, especially if you live in Torrance, this would make the City happy to see their own citizens using these classes. They still need to hear from you so we can save future classes. Thanks.

I have posted the reference photos and drawing of our summer project, both classes will be doing the same project in their respective media. I couldn't find anything in my own photos that perked my interest so the ones I will be using were taken by my sister-in-law when they went to Alaska a couple years ago, she was excited to know that I thought well enough of them to use them in class but truth is, she's a pretty good photog in her own right, so I'm happy she gave me permission to use them.

Don't be intimidated by the drawing, the only things you really need to worry about is the placement of the boat, buildings and maybe the reflections. For the watercolor class, you can get your design on your paper before we start class if you want, mind what I just said, you only need the key elements the rest we will make up as we go, it isn't important it be exact.

Acrylic class, you don't need to do anything until we actually start. We will draw as we go IF WE NEED TO. I really don't want to see a detailed drawing on any canvas before we start because you are going to need to paint over it to do it right, it you have a drawing you will tend to "paint around" things you have drawn then wonder why you are having so much trouble. I want a blank canvas to start.

Again, get people to sign up for class so we can keep them both going and I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Class Alert

Wed. 6June09 7:50 p.m.

I just got a msg from my Supervisor regarding classes and it isn't good. My minimum requirements will be going up by the end of the week so neither class may be safe, also, they will be meeting on Monday to determine which classes to close and also they are going to be talking about raising class prices in the fall.

If you were going to sign up for a class DO IT NOW! or the class will close. Please let the City know how you feel, I would so hate to see this program gutted by the ression.

I will keep you posted.

Summer Classes

Just a quick update and reminder: The watercolor class is safe this time we have 9 people signed up so that is great we won't have to worry about it being dropped or time reduced, the acrylic class is another subject however, I only have 5 people signed up and we need at least 3 more to make a go of it otherwise it will be dropped for the summer.

Please, if you have friends, neighbors, family or any one you can think of in the area that has always wanted to take an art class, please encourage them to sign up for classes now to keep not only our class going but the art program in general at the Torrance Art Center. Thanks.

I will post the summer project later this week. Hope to see you all soon.