Thursday, December 3, 2009

Registration Now Open

I hope that everyone had a great full-filling Thanksgiving, I know I ate too much!

I just want to remind everyone that registration is open for residents of Torrance now and will be open for non-residents next Tues (Dec 8th) for more info you can go to: and go to classes. If you have a registration number you can register on line. Or you can phone the office at 310-618-2720 have your credit card handy. The numbers for my classes are: Acrylic 3126.101 Watercolor 3127.101 These numbers can be found on page 13 of the "Season's" catalog. Be sure that the person you are talking to has the right class, there has been a problem with them adding people to closed classes or telling potential students that my class has closed when it hasn't, this will be especially true the week before classes start.

Also remember that they close under enrolled classes the week before classes start so if you are thinking of taking any classes over there or if you know someone who is thinking of taking classes, be sure to register ASAP so your classes don't get closed for lack of enrollment.

If Mondays aren't good for you I want to remind everyone that I will be teaching watercolor on Tuesdays all day up at the PV Art Center starting in January. I will be taking over Cathy Cangro's class which she will start and I will step in. You do not have to be a PVAC member to take a class there but if you are you do get a member's discount. They are taking registration now by phone 310-541-2479 or FAX 310-541-9520 with credit card or you can mail or walk in to the lobby to sign up. The address is PVAC 5504 W. Crestridge Rd. Rancho Palos Verdes Ca 90275. If you have never been there and want to sign-up in person, it is almost at the top of Crenshaw Blvd at the last signal, make a right then an immediate left into the parking lot. I past it several times because it is kinda hard to see.

I also wanted to let you know that if you have a Facebook account, I have started a group called - what else - ArtbyLerri. It is to show the projects I am working on and to discuss art topics. Right now I am just posting my own work but if there is enough interest, I can start an albumn for everyone to post to maybe to get some feed back. Anyway, I'd love to have some fans that weren't family.

Have a great holiday and happy New Year, I hope I will see all of you in one of my classes.

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