Sunday, February 14, 2016

Winter 2016 Watercolor Class

WINTER 2016 WATERCOLOR CLASS Project: Cozy Cottage Week 4

The first thing I did was to make sure that I had all of my masking fluid off my paper I no longer needed it so remove all the masking fluid that you have on your project. You can feel where it is if you can't see it just run your hand over the paper and you will feel what feels like a rubber band, that's the masking fluid.

I wanted to finish up the pine trees in the back so I mixed up two colors: 1 was my shadow color for the snow which is my ultramarine blue and my purple, the other color was a dark green color to match the trees which was my hookers green and my ultramarine blue, water is used to lighten it if necessary.

I went back and forth between these colors shaping the areas that had masking fluid so that they looked more like snow on the pine trees or if I needed to, I painted in more green to create more pine tree. I use the blue to create the shadows just like I have every place else starting with the coolest part of the shadow, rinsing my brush and using water to lightly blended up. You can also use this dark green to help define the top of your roof, by putting dark behind your roof it will look lighter and more distinct.

I also continued putting in shadows now that I can see where my brightest highlights are, I can go in and add the darker shadows to create more dimension in the mounds of snow. Be aware that you need to follow the shape of the thing that you are painting with your brush strokes, for instance, in the ruts of the road going up to the house you need to have a more U shaped stroke so that it looks indented into the snow, if the stroke is a flat stroke it won't look as deep, if it is a rounded up stroke it will look like it is standing on top of the snow so use this optical illusion to your advantage.

I also used that dark green color to paint in bushes along my road way. Remember the bushes are underneath the snow not on top of it, so leave the tops white and just suggest bushes under there with dark green shapes. You don't have to do any more detail than that dark color. I had also saved some white areas out in the pond, if you have those remember they also need some cool shadows a dark line right where they are touching the water, that sets them down into the water and makes your reflection look even more dimensional.

I also went back into the house and added some darker shadows under the eaves, in some places in the snow, in the windows anywhere I just wanted to give it more dimension. I also took my brush with just water on it and lifted out the smoke coming out of the chimney. You need to be careful when you are doing this so that you do not damage the paper but you will use a damp brush starting at the top of the chimney with little circular strokes and then move away and create the smoke as it trails out, then pat dry with a paper towel. You will see some of the color that was there originally and that will give the smoke a bit more of a translucent look to it, the way smoke usually looks because it’s not a solid.

I also went back in with some darker colors and added a bit more detail into that wood pile in the back and into the fence post in the front remember it's going to be darker up underneath by the snow because the snow is casting a shadow, look at your reference photo and see where the shadows are, try to get as much of this done to this point as you can because when we meet again we will be putting in the holly bush on the side and wrapping this thing up. Keep painting and I will see you in class.
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