Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homework Count.

Making Things Glow – The Power of Value

It is really hard to turn off the teacher mode when we have time off so I am keeping myself busy trying to keep you busy.

When all you have is black, white and shades of gray, value is all you have to convey to your viewer not only the shape of something but the mood of your subject so this is where the ability to see the subtle changes in value is critical.

I decided to draw the oranges rather than paint them to see if I could create a sense of light or a "glow" that these oranges had and I kept my value scale handy and checked my reference photo often so I stayed on track. Drawing is good for my painting – if I decided to do this particular subject of any other - because it is forcing me to use value to create the subject, no using tricks of color give me the glow, just value.

I really hope that you are all trying to do some drawing and/or painting during this break, it will keep you at your best.

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