Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer 09

Well, students who signed up for the acrylic class, I have some bad news: The acrylic morning class will be closed today. My supervisor called and said that they were getting tough on under enrolled classes and I needed 3 more people for my minimum and I guess with all the financial problems cities are having, they would rather close the class than find a way to keep it open.

I guess you are down to one option ant that is to join the afternoon class if it is possible for you. If I have more than one or two from the acrylic class transfer to the afternoon class, I will do demos on the project I was going to do for the acrylic class, otherwise, I will help you with your own projects and do some small demos to help you understand the media.

Watercolor students, you are safe (sounds like a bad reality show) for the summer class, both classes try to get the word out to friends, any groups you go to, your chruch, where ever you meet with people, talk to them and encourage them to take classes at Torrance, it will not only keep the classes open but it will help keep the cost down (I cringe thinking what they will do in the fall).

I'm sorry that the class has been closed, I hope that the fall will see a better turn out. I don't know how many of you read this post because I only have one person who follows, I just hope that you have been checking in, maybe we can find other solutions to this problem.

Dont forget to check out the picture page for the reference photo and pattern for the summer project. Hope to see you soon.

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