Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Classes

Great news! I checked enrollment for my classes and we now have enough people in the watercolor class to keep it open with NO adjustments necessary :-) We can still use a few more people but watercolor is safe.

News for the acrylic class isn't as good but better. We picked up 2 more students but we need at least 4 more so if you haven't signed up for classes yet, please do so as soon as possible so we can keep the class going. The link for the Torr. Art Center is: or you can go in to the office or call the office at 310-618-2720 FAX: 310-781-7598 for both phone in and FAX you will need the class number - 3143.301 - Name of class - "Experiment with Acrylic Painting" and your credit card info. Torrance residence pay $85 Non-residence pay $95.

If we don't get enough people for the acrylic class, if there is room and it fits your schedule, students are welcome to come to the afternoon watercolor class. While I will focus my demo more towards the watercolor group, I will give instruction for the acrylic students, however, it will be better if we can keep the morning class going so find some friends and get them to sign up.

I will post the new project in a couple weeks and will keep you posted on any class developements. Sign up to follow this blog so you get the latest updates. See everyone soon.

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