Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Classes

I really need to remind every one that if you are planning to take classes at the Torrance Cultural Art Center you need to sign up ASAP or they will close the classes! you do not have until classes start on June 22nd because they have a meeting the Wednesday before and close under enrolled classes at that time, if you want your classes to be there you need to sign up now.

I don't want to sound desperate, but I only have 4 enrolled in one class and 2 in the other they will close if more people don't sign up. If your other classes are in the same position as mine, we may all get the summer off.

I will post updates here as we get closer to class time, remember that you can sign up to get notices when ever I update this blog and in the event that classes do close, I will try to post the occasional lesson to help you during the summer.

So grab your neighbors and friends and get everyone enrolled in class, I hope to see you in a couple weeks.

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