Thursday, October 9, 2014


PV before.

Since this blog has been written after I have my PV class, I thought I was basically done with the painting in the last post and for my Torrance class this is probably true because when I got home and started looking at my PV version of the project, I wasn’t happy with my foreground, when I did my demo at Torrance, I corrected that version of the painting and I liked it better. I decided to correct what I didn’t like to my PV version and I like it better. This is what I did to the PV painting
Torrance version.
just so you know that even with watercolor you can make changes if you need to.

The mountain ridges in the PV version just didn’t look right to me so I looked at the photo on my computer so I could see what was really going on because the print really didn’t show much detail. I discovered that there were more ridges than I thought and had combined 2 ridges into one I also didn’t get the value of that ridge dark enough but it was just the right value to be part of the ridge behind.

PV After.

All I did to correct what I didn’t like was to make a darker, greener wash and reshape part of the ridge line. While the green was still wet, I just touched some sienna in to give some suggested detail to the ridge again because the wash mostly covered what I had. I even took some of that dark green and made some closer pine trees in the right had corner, you can finish up your own painting any way you feel you need to.

Please have something you want to start in the next class since both Torrance and PV are done with the clouds. See you in class.
Revised PV finished

Torrance finished

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