Sunday, August 12, 2012


PV Class you will need to go to the previous blog post for the things we covered in class.

For those of you who really don’t like to do a lot of negative painting, I showed how you can use masking fluid to speed up the process. The one thing that you must remember is that your paper needs to be COMPLETELY DRY before you add the masking fluid. Be particularly aware of areas where paint/water may pool up like the junction of meeting lines of masking, if the paper is even a bit moist, the masking fluid can soak into the paper and ruin your hard work. Rinse your brush every minute or so and re-soap it so the masking won’t stick to the bristles, other than that, you will notice only a little, if any, removal of color when you remove the dried masking.

Be sure that you have made your dark areas dark enough not only behind the bunny but also the bunny’s bum and behind the rocks.

When you have added as may layers of weeds as you think you want whether you have used to negative painting method or the masking fluid method, you may want to detail out some of the weeds to give them more structure especially those near the bunny. I started this process last week and will do some more on it this week as well as adding some darks into the weeds (yes, more negative painting) and then I should be done with the rabbit.

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