Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watercolor Week 1

I need to apologize, apparently Blogger is letting sponsors put their links in my blogs without even bothering to ask! The hyperlinks that appear orange are not my doing ......also Blogger keeps screwing with this program and now it won't let me insert a blank line to separate paragraphs so I will have to separate thoughts with..... Watercolor - Sailboat .... This time Torrance gets the head start on the project so if you are a PV student, you will be using this blog for information from our class project. There isn't a lot to tell at this point because I have to do an orientation on the first day but we did get started so we can jump right in at our next class. Be sure to go to the picture page and download the reference picture and, if you need it, the drawing to have for class when we meet again on Monday..... . I am hoping that most of you will be able to at least get your drawing on your paper and even better if you can get your first round of splattering on. I know that some of my returning students masked out their boat before they started to splatter and that is okay, there is no right or wrong what to do this, I just like to have a bit of the color from the splatters in the things I am painting but I have done it both ways so don't panic, no one dies just because you started by masking the boat out. ...... For my new students, if you can get the drawing on for the next class, I will show you the splattering and also how to apply the masking. If you do the splattering be careful not to go too far with it. It can feel way too good and before you know it, it looks more like mud splatters so stop and let it dry, you will be doing more...... . Generally, when I splattered my paper, I kept the warm colors like the yellow, orange and red up in the sky area and the cool colors like green, blue and purple in the water area though I did put some blue in the sky area and I didn't care if the splatters didn't end up where I hoped they would. This is not rocket science, it is controlled chaos. Just have fun and don't mix mud. Be ready to go on Monday, if you have questions let me know. See you soon.

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