Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring 10 Watercolor Class

If you are returning to my watercolor classes next week, I suggest that you bring something to work on at least for the start of class. I know that I will have some new people who will need to understand what they need for class and depending on their experience or equipment needs, will determine how long it takes me to get them going.

Time is more a factor at Torrance but if I can get the new folks taken care of and there is enough time, I will do a short demo on adding people into your landscapes and street scenes. It isn't difficult and it kinda fun once you try it, what I would like for you to do before you come to class is to find pictures with people on streets or at the park or at the pier, they can be your own photos or something out of the paper or magazine, they are only going to be used for reference. I have a couple pictures on the picture page to give you some ideas.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in class next week.

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