Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Updates and Reminders

I hope everyone is having a good vacation and finding lots of things to paint. I just want to remind Torrence residences that registration is now open to sign up for classes so please, if you are wanting to take classes to sign up ASAP so that your class doesn't get closed! They close them a week before class starts so don't think you can wait to the last moment because you might be too late.

Those living outside of Torrance can start to register on Sept 1st, same warning applies: Sign up as soon as you can, the City is getting tough and wants those minimum body counts. Everybody grab you friends and neighbors and get signed up for classes, this is such a great program I would hate to see anything happen to it. (I hope that's right, Blogger won't let me cut and paste anymore! If this didn't work, click on "Updates and Reminders")

I also want to give you the heads up for the Artist's Studio Tour that will be held the weekend of Oct 10 and 11. There will be 10 stops on the Tour which will include not only a lot of great, local painters but also ceramists, fabric artists, jewelers and a glass artist! It is a fun day or weekend and lots of inspiration, plus there will be a light lunch available on the patio at the Art Center. Everyone who has been on the Tour has said how much fun it is and can't wait for next year!

For more information check out The Artist's Studio web site and click on the Studio Tours link and while you are there check out what else TAS is doing, always something new.

I will update more later and have our new projects posted when we get closer to start of class. Have a good rest of summer, hope to see everyone soon.

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