Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last Class

This week will be the last class of the Fall '08 semester. The Winter Semester starts the Week of Jan 11th.

You should be getting your Seasons catalogs after Nov. 10th however, if you are out of the area registration for Torrance residences start on Nov 18th, non-residences can register starting on Dec.2nd.

Please be sure to get registered as soon as you can for the classes you want because if they don't see enough students registered they may close the class the week before classes start, then it will be too late. Register early.

Both classes remember to bring something for critique on Monday. It can be your best work or something you need some help on. Don't be shy, this is were you can learn some valuable lessons.

I hope that everyone had a good semester, I know I did. I do want to wish Kathleen well in her move to Colo, she will be missed.

Check back here occasionally between now and the next semester I will post the projects for the next classes we will be doing animals in both. Have a great holiday and happy New Year.

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