Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Begins

I hope that all of you have signed up for classes if you can make it. We are a bit short on students but I asked my boss what would happen and she said she was going to keep it open, though we may have to be short a week to placate the powers that be. We will know more after classes begin.

If you are new to the classes and need a supply list, check in the archives and you will find a list that covers both classes. If you have equipment (brushes, paint etc) you don't need to buy anything new but do check them to be sure that they are usable. Watercolor students please note: If you have old brushes you can use them in watercolor EXCEPT if they have been used in oil. You can never get the oil out of the brush completely no matter how old the brushes are or how dry they feel, the oil is still there. If you have old acrylic bushes or gauche brushes, they will work fine.

If you want to see what our projects will be this semester, click on "Summer Begins" and it will link you to the photo page. Don't sweat the small stuff, I will walk you through them step by step. Remember, you don't have to do the projects so feel free to bring your own but I do hope you watch the demos to learn the techniques.

Also, if you want or need to see any of the photos from previous projects on the picture page, click on the "My Gallery" at the top and it will show you the different albums from projects past.

Hope to see you all soon. Stay cool.

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